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Practice Management Solutions

Practice Management Solutions provides the following services:
Software sales and training
Electronic billing
Posting of payments
Claims follow-up
Create encounter forms (super bills)
Clearinghouse setup (enrollment forms)
Practice management
HIPAA consulting and training
Practice Setup for providers

Our practice management company is so streamlined that we are a paperless office. All of your records are stored electronically either in the software itself or in another location on our server, and can be accessed by a secure user name and password. You will be provided your records on a disk. You may receive these disks monthly or yearly at your discretion. You will no longer need extra space for records!

We submit clean claims. Our clearinghouse uses a claim scrubber that scrubs for modifiers, LMRP's CCI edits and diagnosis codes; etc. It also checks patient demographics as well as insurance ID numbers. We also use a sister software that advises you which CPT code should be primary and even tells you what the claim will pay based on the Medicare fee schedule. All claims are verified in this software before it is keyed into the practice management software. We call it our safety net!

This technology can be costly. Our philosophy is if you spend good money on the front end it will cost us and our providers less money. At the end of the month we both benefit with more revenue and our ROI (return on investment) will be much greater.
Our employees are happier in the fact that they have less clean up work due to nearly no rejections and insurance company calls regarding rejected claims are nearly nil. It is truly a win win situation..

We process your claims electronically unless the insurance carrier does not accept electronic claims. This will increase your cash flow due to the expedient way in which the clearinghouse gets your claims to the payers, usually within 24 hours of submission. Electronic claims are paid in 3 - 21 days. Your Medicare claims pay within 14 days of receipt. With the paper method, you could wait up to 45 days before you hear from the payer. Paper claims with errors may be mailed back for corrections, starting the process all over again. We use state of the art equipment to ensure your claims are sent correctly the first time.